1. Feast
    To dine while facing the East.
2. Feel
    An amorous marine eel that caresses once held and fondled.
3. Female
    A woman fond of drinking ale.
4. Feminism
    A modern school of philosophy that teaches the tenet that women are always right.
5. Ferocity
    A tropical metropolis populated by fierce, cannibalistic tribes like Los Angeles for one.
6. Festive
    A jovial woman.
7. Fib
    The golden mean between a brazen lie and a white lie.
8. Fidelity
    An exemplary virtue exclusively practiced by the dead.
9. Fidget
    A jittery dwarf.
10. Fiendish
      Food for demons.
11. Figurehead
      A synonym for a Math expert.
12. Figure of Speech