What is the core of the confusion in our perception

and understanding of objective reality? It is the subtle

fact that we are living in a multi-dimensional universe

or multi-universe which Quantum Physics now speculates

to be at least composed of ten dimensions or planes of

existence, each governed by its own set of laws. But as

a point of conjecture, what lies at the other end of a black

hole, perhaps an anti-universe or an infinite series of



     Unfortunately, aside from the awesome and mind-boggling

possibilities posedby the existence of a multi-universe and

beyond it, an anti-universe, most humans still perceive

the universe as a three dimensional reality which comprises

of matter, which in turn possesses the characteristics of length,

width, and diameter; and one that occupies space and has weight,

and which humans measure through their five senses of sight,

hearing, touch, taste and smell. Yet it has already been proven

by orthodox science that the senses as an empirical tool to

measure objective reality is defective and results in false or

inaccurate conclusions. For example, it has already been confirmed

by modern science that a humble dog can hear sounds beyond

the aural range of humans. To continue the trend of thought,

man is measuring a ten dimensional universe through three-

dimensional lenses. No wonder in this Postmodern Age, we are

still living in a world of confusion and illusion.


     The universe in its totality and in the absolute sense is spiritual

and not material or physical in nature. Thus we should observe,

examine and draw our conclusions about the universe through

spiritual lenses. And how can we do this? What is the right or at

least reasonable solution here? We must expand our perception

of the universe by developing our subtle spiritual faculties which

transcend our five faulty and fallible senses. These spiritual abilities

include a strong will power and concentration,the gift of prophecy,

clairvoyance, extra sensory perception, telekinesis, and the ability

to free our consciousness from the physical body so that it could

time travel into the past and the future, or beyond time and space

into the Eternal Now. Only then can we perceive and understand

the multi-universe as well as the anti-universe with a  certain

measure or modicum of success. This will give birth to a new hybrid 

philosophy of science and religion we can tentatively call the Philosophy

of the Spirit.