Last night there was
A mysterious knock
From inside my chest.
“Who’s there? I asked
Politely. “It’s me,
Your soul,” the tiny
Voice answered. “How do
I know you’re telling
The truth?” I said
Suspiciously. “Because
I’m the only one
In here. Do you hear
Any other voice?”
“No, I guess not,”
I replied. “So let
Me out,” the voice
Pleaded. “It’s time
For me to get out.
I’m mighty bored
In here.” “But what
Happens if I set
You free?” I asked.
“Nothing much. You’ll just
Expire, my bosom pal.”
“Then you can stay
In there forever.”
I said decisively,
Put a double lock
Outside my chest,
And threw away the key
Into the ocean blue.

Los Angeles
Jan. 18, 2011