The moment the lady
Obstetrician pulled
Him out of his mother’s
Womb, he was already
Babbling the Alphabet

From A to Z. At three
He had memorized
Every single paragraph
In The Encyclopedia
Britannica. At seven

He refuted Kant’s
Critique of Pure Reason
And by the time he
Was twelve, he wrote
A treatise that overturned

The Theory of Relativity
And Quantum Physics.
He became the first
Teenage astronaut
At fourteen and made

A record-breaking feat
By somersaulting on
Saturn and Jupiter.
At sixteen all the heads
Of state consulted him

On their internal economic
And political problems.
When he reached the age
Of eighteen, the United
Nations dumped all the tough

International crises
It couldn’t handle upon
His callow back as
If he were Atlas
The world with all that jazz

And responsibility
At about the age when
He was supposed
To be chasing his first
Crush. So being a genius

He quickly solved his
Problem by pointing
The barrel of a gun
At his throbbing temple
And blowing his brains out.

Los Angeles
Jan. 18, 2012