6. All there is, is awareness being aware
of awareness and consciousness being
aware of consciousness as a process,
and without a subject or object of awareness
or consciousness.

7. Enlightenment is not an act of becoming
but of being. It is not engaged in the business
of acquiring more light but of divesting yourself
of darkness. Enlightenment is a war which you
will win not by capturing more light but by
surrendering to the light.

8. Enlightenment is not ontological. It is not
attained by answering the question of which
came first, the chicken or the egg, the flesh
or the spirit? Or which came first, darkness or
light? Enlightenment is both the cause and
the effect. Enlightenment is both the chicken
and the egg, matter and energy, flesh and
spirit, appearing simultaneously.

9. Enlightenment is beyond the law of causality
or law of cause and effect. Enlightenment
is and is not. There is no enlightenment,
which is just a concept, a mental construct.
There is only nothingness and the void. Nothing
more. Nothing less.

10. Just focus totally on you breathing.
Inhale and exhale slowly. And you will
become enlightened.

11. When you perform a good deed that
helps ameliorate the sufferings of your
fellowmen, without expecting the least
reward, without acknowledging that you
are the doer of the deed, then and only
then will you pluck the golden apple
of enlightenment.
12.  Your ego is your greatest enemy.
But neither underestimate nor overestimate
your ego. Just be aware that your ego
is no ordinary enemy. Your ego is Alexander
the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan,
Napoleon Bonaparte, General Irwin Rommel,
and General George Patton, all rolled into

You cannot defeat your ego by engaging it
in a conventional war, and fight force with
force, fight fire with fire. You will have to be
the most creative warrior in the world. You
must fight a new, unique kind of warfare.
You will only become victorious by siding
with your ego and turning it into an ally–
instead of treating your ego like your
archenemy. Then your ego will morph
from a ferocious lion into a meek lamb.
Then you ego will die a natural death.
Then you will become enlightened
without even fighting a war of attrition,
without even trying hard, without even
lifting a finger.

13.  You will only annihilate the ego through
the power of objective, unconditional love
and selfless service to humanity and all
of creation.