14. There are two worlds–the world of potentiality
or the nuomenal world, and the world of actuality
or the phenomenal world where all incarnated beings
live. In the nuomenal world where existence is
at rest, which you can call a black hole or the void,
there is no enlightenment because such a condition
would be superflous and redundant there.

It is only in the phenomenal world or the immanent
universe that you can experience enlightenment,
which is the condition of an incarnated spirit becoming
aware of its existence and being. And here in
the phenomenal world, enlightenment happens
spontaneously and cannot be forced to happen
through any contrived or artificial means like
engaging in yogic breathing and assuming a
meditative pose.

Once the spirit becomes aware of its existence,
then enlightenment happens, enlightenment
being an impersonal sense of presence. The moment
the spirit achieves enlightenment, then enlightenment
itself ceases and there is only nothingness or the great

15.  Enlightenment is awareness becoming aware of itself
and consciousness being conscious of itself. The who,
when, where, what and how dissolve into the void,
which is beyond enlightenment itself.

16.  Is there free will or is there predestination or fate?
Who is asking this question? It is your ego and not
your being-spirit. Free will and predestination are just
concepts because they are ego-generated. If you
analyze these concepts from the impersonality
of the spirit, these mind-constructs will cease
to exist and dissolve into nothingness.

17.  The universe has no problems to speak of.
It just unfolds spontaneously, in its own magical,
miraculous, mystical way. Problems arise when
an ego acts as a witness and observes the
universe. Then the ego imagines countless
non-existent problems but finds no peace
of mind or solution because such problems
belong to the world of phantasm and do not
exist in reality.

18.  Confounded, confused, you ask the question:
“Who created the ego?” The answer is plain
and simple–the Spirit or consciousness created
ego because it likes to engage in lila or divine
play. In short, the Spirit gave birth to the ego
for its own amusement.