by Felix Fojas
He is out there alright, this
Furry white hulk , hiding
In some frozen nook
Of your Himalayan mind,
And the only reason why
You don’t perceive him is
Because he’s a white subject
Superimposed against
A white snowy background
Which, for all intents and
Purposes, blend together
In their pure whiteness, thus
Erasing the ever-shifting
Boundary that exists
Between the perceiver
And the perceived. So you
Might be staring him in
The face and yet mistake
This unspeakable presence
For a natural part of
The mountain, a snow-covered
Boulder, while ascending
Everest, breathing fresh,
Rarified air, secure
In your comfort zone and
Illusion that he doesn’t
Exist at all. He might
Even provoke you by
Affirming his existence
With a wild kick in your ass
Using his thirty-inch foot
Or by growling in your
Ear which you will quickly,
Casually dismiss as
A kind of hallucination
Mountain climbers are prone to
At such high altitude
And extreme weather
Conditions. Nonchalantly,
You resume your climb
Without even knowing
That you’ve just bumped
Into the real flesh-and-blood
Furry monster that leaves his
Mysterious footprints in
The snow to engage you
In a game of hide-and-seek,
Confident his camouflage
Of white upon the whiteness
Of snow will make him
Totally invisible in
Your field of vision where
You cannot comprehend
This awesome sight that
Requires a monster’s frame
Of mind and gleaming
Almond-shaped pupils
To appreciate the singular,
Terrifying beauty of
Such an abomination.
Los Angeles
Jan. 26, 2012