by Felix Fojas


I’m just a hired man.
Hired for what and by
Whom I do not know.
The terms of my contract
Is no concern of mine.
In my line of work
No experience is required.
I do not know exactly
When my job will end.
It started at the very
Moment of my birth.
I’m just an all-around
Hired man, and I don’t
Know what to do next.
There’s no Social
Security in my
Casual work. There is
No overtime pay for
Breathing in and out.
Yet I cannot get fired
For doing a lousy job.
Anyway the Big Boss
Is aware of everything
I do, armed with his
Hidden magic eye.
In my work there’s no
Such thing as teamwork,
It’s a job for born losers.
I don’t have an idea
How much I make,
The Paymaster is
A confirmed sadist.
Every bone in my soul
Aches, not to mention
The blood, sweat and tears.
So mind your own job
And I’ll mind mine.
Let me finish my
Thankless job that’s
Beyond description.
When will my work expire?
I’m just a tired hired man.
Manila, Philippines
March 7, 1999