by Felix Fojas
March has come and summer is in the offing
Yet the weather is still cold in the morning,
And there’s a downpour every now and then.
It’s the first time this has happened in these
Tropical islands ever since I can
Remember. They blame it on a little girl,
Nature’s prankster, who conjures the rainy
Season to be late in coming, like a perfumed
Love-letter on a long vacation in
The dead-mail section of romance. If only
You, too, Love, are arriving late like a shower,
Cool and caressing, heading for my heartland,
Instead of leaving for the open
Sea, like a departing storm, felling trees
And snapping high-tension wires; then I will
Embrace this tardiness of rain, such welcome
Relief in the summer heat. But you’ve turned out
To be a fickle tropical depression,
A rage of tears, and this is my secret reason
For hating the rain in any season.
Manila, Philippines
March 3, 1999