Mankind’s problems began when man recreated and recyled God
in his own puny, little image, instead of the other way around.
Man committed the monumental blunder, which still persists in
our Postmodern Age, of anthropomorphizing God and giving
him human-all-too-human characteristics such as jealousy, greed,
lust, and a penchant for murder and violence. This is evident in
the Greek myths where Zeus abducted and raped mortal women
with divine impunity and sowed intrigue among the other lesser gods
and goddesses, who in turn conspired against and fought one another.
This is also amply demonstrated in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible
where “God” coldbloodedly commanded the Israelites to slay
all their enemies. the selfsame God who proclaimed in the Ten
Commandments, chapter 20, Verse 5 of the Exodus:
          …for I am thy God is a Jealous God, visiting
     the iniquity of the fathers upon the children
     unto the third and fourth generation of them
     that hate me.
     Why is God insecure? Who is God afraid of? God in the absolute sense
is beyond human words and description. God cannot be comprehended
in his totality by the mind because God is beyond man’s imagination.
Hence any attempt to portray God directly in all his divine glory and
magnificence without resorting to comparison and metaphors is doomed
to failure. Such an exercise in futility will only lead to hardcore dogma that
tolerates no other sect or religion, to social, religious, economic, and
political persecutions, and to nonstop bloody wars. To rephrase
the words of a noted historian in describing the protracted war
between Christian crusaders and Mohammedan defenders of Allah during
the Dark Ages: How many tons of blood have been shed in the name of Christ
and religion?
     In effect man created God in his narrow-mindedness as a mere
concept or idea which is far-fetched and limited from God as a being
who is beyong human description and comprehension. The simple
solution here is that as separate individuals and as a group, we
must not waste our time looking for God outside us, but rather
concentrate in knowing the God within us. Bear in mind that God
is both transcendent and immanent. As a transcendent being
God belongs to the world beyond our world, which is the world
of Spirits. As an immanent being, God pervades Nature and
and governs the physical world through unerring natural laws.
By finding God within us and merging our consciousness with God,
we will hopefully find God’s other half outside and beyond us to
complete our understand of God’s true nature.