For an eternal moment, focus on the concept of guilt.
Guilt with a capital G. Guilt which is the sales pitch
Of all organized religions.


  Guilt is based on the premise that you did something
awefully wrong whether against humanity, against your
country, against your religion, against your family, against
your peer group, against yourself, or simply against the sheer
concept of being against everything and nothing.
     Yet guilt, like the concept of good and evil, is relative–
depending on the totality of moral, religious, philosophical.
political, and economic values that have been dumped in your
lap by your parents, by your teachers, by your peers, by preachers,
by society at large.
     And speaking of relativity, for example, to eat your
fellowman, rare or well done, is perfectly cool and morally
upright in a tribe of cannibals. But to feast on a roasted
human spare rib in your favorite plush dining place in uptown
Los Angeles will lead to certain moral and legal consequences
with their corresponding harsh corporeal punishments.
     The concept of guilt presupposes that there is a doer
of the action and that there is an action being done. Now
if you regard yourself as the doer of the action, later on your
conscience will prick you with guilt feelings once you adjudge
that what you have done is bad or evil. But go to the heart
of the matter. Ask yourself the question: Who is the “I” that
is doing the action? Is it my false self or ego? Is it my spirit
or essence? Or is “I” simply the collective conscience of other
people telling me what to do and how to do it? Or perhaps
there is no doer at all and no action is really being done?
And you are just under the illusion that you are doing
something when you are not really doing anything, or
that something or someone superior to you is just using
you as an instrument for something to happen in the
phenomenal or physical world?
     Once you accept or surrender yourself to the idea
that the Universal Conciousness or God is utilizing you
as an agent of change through which He manifests his Will
in the world, then your whole storage room full of guilt will
miraculously disappear in a cloud of green smoke. Then
you will have total peace and quiet. And once you have
total peace of mind, then your sufferings will end once and
for all.