I humbly dedicate

This poem to the holy,

Unspeakable, ineffable,

Nameless, numberless

God of Nothing:


O Supreme Lord,

Beyond creation

And destruction,

I fully acknowledge

Your divine oxymoron


And wisdom that

Every masterpiece

Is the child of

An empty canvas;

Every mathematical


Equation begins

At point zero;

Every succulent

Dish is served on

An absent platter;


Every oasis is found

In the scorching

Desert sands;

Every act is just

The blue-blooded


Son of idleness;

Every fact is

Fabricated from

A brazen lie;

Every news is


Scripted from

Stillborn history;

Every thought

Is conceived by

The empty mind;


Every ounce of fresh

Air leaks from

A total vacuum;

Every babe of light

Is spewed by


The womb of darkness;

Every word ever

Uttered crawls out

Of silence’s mouth;

Every universe is


Created in a black

Hole in space;

And finally,

That nothing

Comes out


Of everything,

And everything

Comes out

Of nothing;

And so be it!


Los Angeles

Jan. 28, 2012