Occultism teaches that the present universe and all

the unknown universes that preceded it were created

by the thought power of God the Absolute. This is

evident in the passage in the Zohar, the ancient cabalistic

treatise of the Hebrews on mysticism:


“As Moses was keeping vigil on Mount

Sinai, in the company with the Deity, who was

concealed from his right by a cloud, he felt

a great fear overcome him and suddenly

asked: ‘Lord, where art Thou…sleepest Thou,

O Lord?’ And the Spirit answered him: ‘I never

sleep; were I to fall asleep for a moment

before my time, all the Creation would 

crumble into dissolution in one instant.’ “


The process of cosmogenesis is so stupendous that

even eminent scientists of today have come up with their

own conflicting pet theories as to how the universe was

created. One such theory is the Big Bang. This cosmological

conjecture states that all matter in the universe came from

a tiny superdense object also known as the primeval atom,

which hurled its fragments in all directions at enormous speeds

following a cataclysmic explosion ten to twenty billion years

ago. It seems that modern science, with all its flair for

precision and exactitude, is still uncertain as to how the

universe was born and looks at this cosmic enigma as through

a glass darkly.


In contrast to science, the different esoteric schools

in the past and in the present more or less agree on how

the universe came into being, differing only in terminology

and symbolism to explain the same phenomenon. At any rate

it is an accepted occult principle that God the Absolute created

the universe through the assistance of a hierarchy of beings.


This is implied in the Book of Genesis, Chapter I, Verse 26:


“And God said; Let us make man in our image,

after our likeness…”


Why did God use the plural form for the pronouns ‘us’ and 

‘our’ if He alone created the universe? The Book of Manu of 

the Aryan race in India explains the creation of the Universe

in terms of the in-breathing and out-breathing of the God Brahma.

One cosmic inhalation is referred to as the Night of Brahma and

one such cosmic exhalation as the Day of Brahma. Each in-breathing

or out-breathing of the creator god, is equal to 1,000 divine ages

of 4,320,000,000 of our human years. One day or night of Brahma

is equivalent to one manvantara, which means ‘one great age’ in

Sanskrit. Note that an active universe is created each time Brahma

exhales. Likewise, each time Brahma inhales a universe is dissolved

and nothing is left un physical creation but a vacuum or pure void.


This is aptly decribed in Chapter I, Verses 1 and 2 of Genesis:


In the beginning God created the heaven and

the earth. And the earth was without form, and void:

and darkness was upon the face of the deep.


Whenever Brahma desires to manifest his active power, he

conjures a physical universe out of divine substance. Since occultism

contends that God created the universe out of something, and that

something is spiritual in nature and which God crystallized into the

physical cosmos. Thus the spirit is the father of matter. Occultism

is in complete agreement with the theological principle that nothing

can come out of nothing, or nihilo ex nihilo in Latin.


In Sepher Jezirah, the cabalistic book of creation, God or 

Divine Substance is represented as having alone existed from

eternity to eternity, boundless and absolute, and emanated from

itself the Spirit:


“One is the Spirit of the living God, blessed be

His name, who liveth forever! Voice, Spirit, and the

Word, this is the Holy Spirit. From this triple one

emanated the whole Cosmos.”


The Sepher Jezirah also gives an account of the destruction or

dissolution of a physical universe during God’s in-breathing or the

Night of Brahma:


“Strong noises are heard, proceeding from every

point…these are the precursors of the Night of Brahma.

Gradually light pales, heat diminishes, uninhabitable spots

multiply on the earth, the air becomes more and more

rarified; the springs of water dry up; the great rivers

see their waves exhausted, the ocean shows its sandy

bottom, and plants die. Men and animals decrease in

size; daily life and motion lose their force, planets can

hardly gravitate in space, they are extinguished one

by one, like a lamp that the hands of a servant neglect

to replenish. Sourya (the Sun) flickers and goes out,

matter falls into dissolution (pralaya), and Brahma

merges back into Dyaus, the Unrevealed God, and His

task being accomplished, He falls asleep. Another

day is passed; night sets in and cintinues until the

future dawn. And once again re-enters into the

golden egg of His thought, the germ of all that exist,

as the divine Manu tells us.”


Such is the method by which God creates and dissolves universes

according to occult teachings. In a way it contradicts the view of

science that the universe was created exclusively out of something

physical and perceivable. Naturally science is limited because it sees

only the form side of life.


In creating the Milky way, the galactic system in which we live today,

God the Absolute worked through a hierarchy of spiritual beings whose

powers and intelligence are beyond the scope of the human mind.

These divine beings are the crowning glory of previous universes and

who, even in their present exalted spiritual development, are still undergoing

higher and higher levels of evolution. At the heart of our galaxy is the

central spiritual sun where the Galactic Logos, the highest spiritual

entity in our galaxy and is referred to as ‘Our Father in Heaven’ in the

Holy Bible, lives.


Next to the Galactic Logos are the advanced cosmic intelligences from

the constellation Aquarius who oversee the spiritual evolution of each

solar system in the galaxy. Directly under them are the Solar Logos of all

the solar systems in our galaxy. Our own Solar Logos is a great being,

the source of the physical sun and all the planets in the solar system, 

including the earth. No wonder the ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, and Mayans

worshipped the sun for they were truly learned in the mysteries of God

and were actually showing reverence to the Solar Logos whose physical

body is our sun. Modern theologians err in thinking because they consider

such profound belief as gross superstition that the former literally worshipped

the physical sun. Then there are the the spiritual guides who compose

the Great White Lodge at Sirius, the dogstar. There is also a spiritual

entity known simply as the Silent Watcher, who is the representative of

the Solar Logos on planet Earth.


Our solar system comprises of seven planes or dimensions and

forty-nine subplanes. Added together, these seven planes form

the lowest cosmic plane. The three other planes are the abode

of the highest spiritually evolved beings in all of creation, physical

and spiritual. In short our solar system exists within the giant aura

of our Solar Logos who continuously pours his energy upon our

solar system. If our Solar Logos withdraws his thought and force

field from the physical plane, every physical atom would disintegrate

and thw whole solar system will totally collapse in an instant.


Our solar system contains ten clusters, each containing seven

globes that are evolving side by side though at different stages.

Some of them exist on the physical plane (the plane known to our

scientists), some on the astral plane, some on the mental plane, some

one the causal plane, and some on the buddhic dimensions. The earth

evolution at present is the lowest level in our solar system.



In creating and governing a solar system, a hierarchy of lesser spiritual beings

aids the Solar Logos. Second only in command to the Solar Logos are the Solar

Logoi or Trinity composed of three great beings representing the three primary

aspects of God the Absolute, namely: Will (the Father aspect), Love-Wisdom

(the Son aspect), and Active Intelligence (the Holy Spirit aspect). Next in rank

to the Holy Trinity are the seven powerful spiritual entities known in various

religions as ‘the Seven Mighty Thrones or Anchangels,’ the Seven Heavenly Men,’

and secondary aspects of God, namely: Will or Power, Love-Wisdom, Active 

Intelligence, Harmony or Beauty, Concrete Knowledge, Devotion or Idealism,

and Ceremonial Magic.


To hasten the spiritual evolution of entities on planet Earth, the Solar Logos

formed a planetary hierarchy specifically to serve the purpose. This hierarchy

is composed of highly evloved beings that have attained their exalted states

through innumerable incarnations on the different planets of our solar system.

Memories of such beings have been stamped on the template of our planetary

consciousness in the form of legends and myths where they played the part

of demigods, gods and goddesses. Quite a number of these spiritual beings

have come from more advanced planets elsewhere in the universe.


The highest spiritual entity on planet Earth is the Planetray Logos who is 

known among the ancient Indians as Sanat Kumara, the Lord of Sixteen

Summers who, together with his three assistants are collectively known as

the Lords of the Flames, and descended upon our planet from Venus sixteen

million years ago to help accelerate the evolution of humanity here. In the sacred

scriptures the Planetary Logos is alluded to as ‘the Ancient of Days.’ He lives–

together with his three assistants Sanaka, the Lesser Ancient; Sanatana,

the Eternal; and Sanandana, or Full of Rejoicing–not on the physical plane,

but on the etheric plane in a place called Shamballa in the Gobi Desert.

The Planetary Logos manifests himself as a six-year-old boy to the chosen few

on earth who have been personally initiated by him, the King of the World,

by quickening the chakras of a particular initiate with his rod of power which

he has brought all the way from Venus and which radiates awesome energy.


Under the Planetary Logos is the Mahachohan, the great teacher who represents

the wisdom aspect of God on planet Earth; the Christ who symbolizes the Love

aspect of God; the Budhha, who stands for the Will aspect of God; the Manu, 

a great spiritual leader who supervises the evolution of humanity today which

forms the Fifth Root Race. There are also the Lipikas, the Recording Angels,

the Lords of Karma, high angelic entities empowered with dispensing karma

to all evolving beings on Earth and aided by the Seven Mighty Archangels familiarly

known as Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Seathiel, Baraquiel, Uriel and Judiel.


Below these great beings are the Seven masters of Wisdom or enlightened

men who are beyond death and have transcended the wheel of birth and

rebirth through many lifetimes of selfless service to mankind. It is the Masters

of Wisdom who directly supervise the evolution of humanity on planet Earth

and under them are four grades of initiates and many different grades of

disciples, individuals on the probationary path, and common men in various

stages of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution.