by Felix Fojas


There is an eerie stirring

In my bones as I

Float peacefully

In the amniotic sea

Of my mother’s womb,

Which is beyond words.

Sometimes I kick and shift

My fetal position

To get her loving,

Maternal attention.


Sometimes I caress her

With my tiny hands

And tickle her with my feet

From the inside to show

Her my pure affection.

Now I have this foreboding

Feeling of uncertainty

On what the future holds.

There is this overwhelming

Force, this all-powerful


Muscular contraction,

That is pushing me inch

By painful inch through

A dark tunnel of flesh

To confront the unknown

World out there. I am being

Ejected from this calm

Center against my will!

Doesn’t she love me at all?

Am I not her prized lovechild?


Suddenly I am blinded by

The light of a thousand suns

Although my eyes are still shut.

Alas, I am expelled

Forever from Eden

And forced to crawl upon

My infant belly like

A wretched serpent in

This howling wilderness

Peopled by strange grownups.


Los Angeles

Feb. 17, 2012