By Felix Fojas


I am the Emperor of Whim,

I do what, where, when and how

On my spur of the moment mood,

Without a map or compass–

My destination is nowhere.

I do not believe in fate,

There is no cause and no effect.

What is momentous is not

The result but the act itself,


Without reference to here,

There and anywhere of Space;

Without pointing the index

Finger at Time’s past, present

And future. The act is pure grace,

Its own reason for being.

Beyond logic, beyond madness.

Thus I obey my every whim

And let Life’s runaway horse


Gallop merrily on its course,

Sans plans, sans goals. I rule over

Limitless continents of chance.

I am the Emperor of Whim.

Absolute freedom is mine.

I am the Emperor of Whim.

I am the mighty overlord

Of possible impossibilities

And impossible possibilities!


Los Angeles

Feb. 15. 2012