by Felix Fojas


It is the zero hour

When each ticking

Of the clock moves

The second hand

Closer to midnight

Until it triggers

The ringing alarm

That time is up


It is the zero hour

When love bangs

At your heart’s door

Like a sheriff

Declaring the end

Of a romance

That never was,

Is, or will be


It is the zero hour

When an enemy

Force approaches

From all fronts like

A horde of howling

Barbarians to launch

Its final assault upon

Your bad conscience


It is the zero hour

The time of reckoning

When there is no

Minute or moment

To spare and do

Or undo all your

Sins of omissions

And commissions


It is the zero hour

When the pale white

Rider of the Apocalypse

Comes galloping

To announce that

The seven plagues are

Here and your world

Is about to end


Los Angeles

Feb. 9, 2012