by Felix Fojas




In the Land of Nod

There lived a plain man

Who became a legend

For being a Yes Man.

He was so polite


That he couldn’t say no

To the most unfair

And ridiculous

Demands of other folks.

One day his neighbor


Told him bluntly,

“Give me your brand-new car

 Free of charge, so to speak.”

 He just said yes oh yes

With a neighborly smile.


When his friend dropped by

And grabbed his lifetime saving

Without intent to pay back

He just said yes oh yes

With a friendly smile.


When his pretty wife

Hugged him tightly and asked,

“May I elope with that

 Young and handsome stud?”

He just said yes oh yes


With a most loving smile.

And when his boss called him

And decreed: “I’ll let you

Work like a slave and

Decrease your pay!”


He just said yes oh yes

With a professional smile.

Then one moonless night

A stranger rapped at his door 

And said, “My good man, let’s go!”


He shook his head in protest

And cried: “No oh no!”

“But you’re the Yes Man

 And you can’t say no to me;

 For you won’t live up


 To your fine name,” said

The dark dude rudely.

Without warning the stranger

Strangled him in an iron

Grip, pulled his soul out


Like a rotten molar,

And dumped it in a black sack.

“Now you’re a No Man

 So play your part well!”

Said the creepy out-of-towner.


Los Angeles

Feb. 18, 2012