by Felix Fojas


To you my beloved muse whose

Tender mercies encompass Love’s

Limitless universe and beyond,

Let my wild imagination praise

Each part of your warm anatomy:

Your head is the magnificent

Dome of the Roman Basilica;

Jet-black locks cascade and flow like twin

Waterfalls down your shoulders soft;

The valley of your forehead is where

Children play among sunflowers;

Brighter than the Pleiades sparkle

The binary stars of your eyes at night;

Perfect question marks are your ears

Which hear the music of the spheres;

Perch I upon the hill of your nose

And watch the sunset blush blue and pink;

The smooth altar of your cheeks

I consecrate with long-drawn kisses;

Moist with the dew of dawn are those

Rosy petals of your blooming lips;

Slender your neck as that of an

Amphora jar filled with ancient wine;

I suck the brown peaks of your breasts

Like a newborn infant with passion;

The treasure-trove of your navel hoards

My precious sighs of gems and gold;

The strings of my harp-like heart you

Caress with long delicate fingers;

Your dainty little feet trample

Grief’s grapes into pure tears of Joy;

Ah, your delta of Venus is my

Oasis of bliss and oblivion sweet.


Los Angeles

Feb. 22, 2012