by Felix Fojas


Of late my shade has been

Acting rather strangely

And I can sense that he is

Getting mighty restless and

Wants to lord it over me.

Just the other day I spoke


To him gently but he raised

His raspy voice at me.

In the past he has always 

Trotted behind me like

A pet dog or loyal slave

And never cast a figure


Taller than mine. But at high

Noon today he overtook

Me and strode ten feet tall with

His head up and chest all

Puffed up like a fighting cock’s.

I must keep a sharp eye lest


I should get knifed in the back.

The only hitch is that I

Won’t survive without him based

On what the old folks say:

“He who casts no living 

Shadow will soon expire.”


Los Angeles

Feb. 21. 2012