1. Frolicksome

    To tickle someone with the tongue


2. Frown

    The typical smile of a man suffering from unjust vexation.


3. Fullness

    The condition of satiety of the Lochness monster

    after gobbling up a large group of sightseers.


4. Fumigate

    The act of eating steam or smoke.


5. Funeral

    A solemn rite in which the guest of honor is deprived of a privileged

    speech because he has opted to remain silent forever.


6. Future

    Your coffin at the end of the tunnel.


7. Genetics

    The study of heredity among ticks and louses.


8. Germ

     A microscopic David that can kill a Goliath among men.


9. Gnu

    An African animal that seems to be a cross between

    a horse and a stag, and which is known for its omniscience

    and passion for novelty.


10. God

      A most respectable gent who owns all the real estate properties in heaven.