LEAP DAY                                             

by Felix FojasImage


Today is February

Twenty-ninth, a leap

Day of a leap year

When single women

Of marriageable age

Around the world–

Especially those who

Are getting older

And older and are

About to miss the boat

And join the swelling 


Ranks of the lonely

Legion of Spinsterhood–

Make ready to 

Assault Prince Charming

And the most appealing

Eligible bachelor

They can corner.

But for old, grumpy

Disillusioned lovers,

This leap day

Of a leap year


Is reckoning day

When divorce is

The order of the day,

Or holding hands

They jump and take that

Bold lover’s leap into

The yawning ravine

Of romantic strife

And matrimonial despair

On a leap day

Of a leap year.


Los Angeles

Feb. 29, 2012