by Felix Fojas


All dire prophets

And philosophers

Of doom agree

That this year is

The year of doom

And the end of days.

A blazing meteor 


Is about to impact

On Earth and smash

Its fragile forehead.

A gigantic tidal

Wave will drown all

Our hopes and dreams.

The poles will shift


Suddenly, turning

Paradise into desert

And covering half

Of the world’s face

With ice as white

As rice powder.

Plagues will slash


Like a samurai blade

And millions of human

Heads will somersault

In the bleeding air;

And the Mother of All Wars

Will give birth to

A stillborn generation


Of radioactive babes.

But frankly, my love,

I am not bothered

One wit and my nerves

Are not a bit rattled 

Because I am most

Confident and secure


In the bomb shelter

Of your embraces,

And am well-stocked

With the life-saving

Provisions of your

Kisses that will last me

A thousand years at least.


Los Angeles

March 2, 2012