by Felix Fojas

(for my muse of light and lover’s delight)


What rainbow miracle, what subtle

Serendipity, what chiaroscuro

Of chance to find you in the heart’s

Oasis? After centuries of running

Around in madding circles, like a tusked

Pachyderm that has lost its bearing

And orientation, after trekking

Across vast tracts of ice-encrusted


Tundras and everglades of longing;

And braving blinding sandstorms

And scorching deserts of despair.

You: lying as regal as an

Ancient Egyptian princess, inside

A huge tent carpeted with passion

And strewn with silk cushions of desire,

Magnificent in the full bloom


Of your beauty and inner grace, wearing

A shimmering raiment of light

And patiently awaiting your long-lost

Epic lover who will come one day

As predicted by the sacred oracles,

Borne by the howling desert wind,

After two thousand years of absence.

Now that I have found you, beloved,


Beyond the woof of space and time’s warp,

Beyond mirages of jealousy and hate,

Beyond the towering pillars of death,

I will embrace you like a barnacle

Clinging to a dhow loaded with kisses

Placidly sailing along the Blue Nile.

Yea! I will dowry you with love songs

And surrender eternity at your feet.


Los Angeles

March 7, 2012