by Felix Fojas

for Joanna Allas

After twelve years

Of absence I am

Eager to go native

And visit my

Forsaken motherland

So I can bond

With my children and

Long-lost friends there.

I want to soak my bones–

Chilled by snow for

Over a decade–

In the tropic rain, gaze

At the enchanting

Sunset in Manila Bay,

And smell the foul

Esteros in Tondo.

But most of all

I want to be with you,

Woman I’ve learned

To love by long distance.

Then you broach

The brilliant idea

Of bringing that entire

Pacific archipelago

To America itself,

A perfect fit,

Like the missing piece

In a jigsaw puzzle,

In the loving,

Beautiful shape

Of you, ah, my

Native-bred beloved.

Los Angeles

April 27, 2012