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by Felix Fojas

for Joanna Allas


There is a wellspring

Deepless within me

That has been there

Before I was born.

This is a grailfull

Of the sacred waters

Of life and death

Mixed together

Like night and day,

Like love and hate,

Like heaven and hell.

There is a well

Suffices for its

Self-wellness and is

Its own reason

For being a well.

In its lucid dreams

Swim a sun and moon

Akin to wisdom-eyed

Fishes whose scales are

Goldened and silvered

With shimmering light.

Well-versed, I gaze

Into his liquid navel

Of the earth and spy

An epiphany of

Angst and despair

Floating upon my

Inverse reflection.

At the end of of this life

I will plunge head first

Wellward and fathom

The bottomless bottom,

The mystery of mysteries,

Of this ancient wound

That contains the pure

Elixir of peace, joy,

And well-being.

This hope-walled

Well fulfills, beyond

My darkest expectation,

All my adult fears

And childhood traumas.

You are most well come

To drink to your heart’s

Content from my well

Yours for the wishing.

Los Angeles

May 3, 2012