by Felix Fojas

for My Muse of Light, Lover’s Delight!


Now that you love me

What more do I need,

Nothing that this lavish

World can proffer

To please me more?


Now that I have fathomed

In the ocean of your lips

All the luminous depths

Of romance; and the bright

Omens of love


That foretell endless

Blessings and happiness

Just by gazing at

Your eyes’ crystal ball.

Now all my dreams are


Blooming with your beauty

And inner grace laced

With lunar wisdom

And subtle gestures

Of gentleness and hope.


But if you ever leave

Me for another who

Is wiser, more gallant,

And is more loving,

Then I shall dream no more


And sadly shut my book

Of dreams forever,

This tear-stained tome that

Will contain nothing but

Countless white blank pages.


Los Angeles

March 10, 2012