1. There was a man from Bohemia

     Who had such severe bulimia

     And all the mouth-watering food he ate,

     He would quickly retch and regurgitate,

     That queasy man from Bohemia.


2. That man from faraway Tonga

     His proboscis–kinda longa!

     And people often mistook his nose

     For a sea serpent or a fireman’s hose,

     That freak from unheard of Tonga.


3. That ambassador from Britain

     His white tuxedo bloomed with stain

     When he spilled Zinfandel unawares

     While conducting his foreign affairs,

     Sir Tipsy Turvy from Britain.


4. There was a witch from New Orleans

     Who always wore those faded jeans.

     None ever dared to annoy and vex

     Her, for she might counter with a hex,

     That vengeful witch from New Orleans.


5.  There was a princess of Bhutan

      Who fell for an orangutan.

      When she was questioned by the Queen Mother:

      “Will I have a freak for a granddaughter ?”

      “Ours a fling!” said the princess of Bhutan.