1. Men will judge your age

    by the color of your hair.


2. Men compute your years by

    adding up all the white strands

    on your head.


3. The whiteness of one’s hair

    has no bearing upon one’s wisdom.


4. Without our hair, our barber

    will starve to death.


5. A woman’s hair, up there and down

    under, is the greatest seducer of men.


6. The hands speak a thousand times

     more graceful than words.


7. A pair of beautiful hands in a man’s

    body is most incongruous.


8. The way a woman’s hands move

    speaks volumes about her character.


9. Perhaps the best way to execute

    a murderer is to hang him upside

    down so that fresh blood will rush

    to his atrophied brain and make him

    a model citizen.


10. Happiness is a state of consciousness

      reserved for a small minority on earth.