by Felix Fojas


When I moved into this strange

Empty house all by myself,

I really thought that I would

Suffocate and die from

Extreme loneliness and despair.

Yet I was completely wrong.

Before I could turn its knob,

The door opened by itself

And greeted me, “Good morning,sir!”

Just like a hotel doorman.

Then the very floor I stepped on


Creaked and politely said with glee:

“Friend, you are most welcome here.”

Weird, but the four walls chimed in

Unison: “Yes we will make you

Happy and comfortable here.”

Even the cozy sofa

Enticed me in a woman’s voice:

“Please feel free to stretch your tired,

 Aching body upon my

 Velvety softness anytime.”

Since then whenever a friend 


Drops by my warm neat place and asks

If I ever get lonely

Living all alone in this house,

I just tell my friend without

Giving details that indeed

I am happy to live here,

Lest he or she should think that

I have finally, sadly flipped

And must see a shrink asap

Once I confess that my home

Is keeping me fine company.


Los Angeles

March 6, 2012