by Felix Fojas


There are many measures of man.


Morality is one, but since moral

conduct is subjective and varies

from man to man, from culture

to culture, it is not a universal

measure of man.


Religion is two, but it is based

on pure faith or sincere

gullibility which disqualifies it

from being the measure of man.


Conscience is third, but many

people have very little if no

conscience to speak of.


Fourth is fame, but fame 

fades quickly and is often

based on illusion.


Success is fifth, but as the saying

goes: One man’s success is

another man’s misery. Plus success

breeds jealousy and hate.


Sixth is love, which in its purest

objective state, is the true measure

of man or woman for that matter,

because it is ever constant

like the morning star and

is its own reason for being.