This is a sensational find and read! Last Friday, December 14,

Guillaume Gallimard, a respected French literary scholar

and researcher, discovered an unpublished manuscript

written by Michel de Nostradamus–perhaps the greatest prophet

of all times–hidden in a metal chest inside a crypt in the prophet’s

birthplace, in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France. Provocatively titled

Les Propheties Mayannethe Nostradamus predictions, written in

the prophet’s customary quatrains, give a clear, graphic description

of the ‘wonderful and terrible things that will unfold’ as an aftermath

of the Mayan Calendar Effect this coming Winter Solstice on December 21st. 


The highlights of the earthshaking Nostradamus predictions on

the Mayan Calendar Effect are as follows:


1) The world economy will soon collapse, causing an apocalyptic

     financial nightmare that will reduce first-world economies

     to beggardom and the unexpected rise of third-world nations

     as tiger economies.


2) There will be a sudden dramatic shift in human consciousness

     from a destructive Material Age to a peaceful and harmonous

     Spiritual Age characterized by universal love and brotherhood.

     National boundaries will be erased and everyone on Earth will

     become a global citizen.


3) A massive red-colored comet will hit or miss Earth early next

     year, depending on the collective wish of humanity to will its

     survival or extinction as a species.


4) More earth changes in the form of catastrophes like tidal

     waves, earthquakes, super typhoons, snowstorms, volcanic

     eruptions and meteor showers. There will be meltdowns in

     nuclear facilities, and an all-out nuclear confrontation which

     can still be prevented if humanity changes its ways.


5) The impact of the red comet will trigger a polar shift. Most

     countries in the Northern Hemisphere will have a tropical

     weather while those in the Eastern Hemisphere will have

     a cold climate.


6) Otherworldly beings in huge numberless spacecraft will appear

     in the sky alll over the world and save one third of the human

     race in a grand lift. The ‘chosen ones’   will be relocated in

     space cities while the earth is undergoing extensive physical

     and spiritual cleansing.


7) Next year the World Savior will appear from a country in Asia.

     The Antichirst will also emerge from a troubled  country in

     the Middle East.


8) Portions of the ancient Lemurian continent and its spiritually

     and scientifically advanced civilization will rise in the sea between

     Indonesia and the Philippines.


9) A new world religion will appear in the horizon and unify all the

     races and peoples of the earth. Wars, diseases, politics, economic

     monopolies, racism, dogma, and superstition will be thing of the

     past. Extra sensory abilities like clairvoyance, telepathy, psychometry

     and psychic healing will unfold in man.


10) Science will soon stumble into a revolutionary principle

     of travelling vast distances in space through a ‘time machine’.


11)  A kind of cybernetics technology will lead to the creation of a new

        hybrid humanity with artificial organs that will endow man with 

        superhuman strength and enable him to live indefinitely.